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Environmental Health & Safety Staff Listing By Division

Director Industrial Hygiene
Business Continuity Planning Lab and Occupational Safety
Diving Safety Operations/Special Projects
Emergency Planning Radiation Safety
Environmental Health Program Risk Management & Insurance
Fire Safety Workers' Compensation

Information/Assistance Telephone: (805) 893-7534
Fax Numbers: (805) 893-8659

Aghayan, Ali 8533 Acting Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Manfredonia, Dan 2323 Business Officer
Entz, Gayle 7757 Financial Assistant
Weil, Robin 4447 Administrative Assistant
Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
Caesar, Jim (805) 450-1437 Campus Emergency Manager
Diving Safety
Hessell, Eric 4559 Campus Diving Safety Officer
Environmental Health Program
Aghayan, Ali 8533 Environmental Health Program Manager
Becker, Philip 7705 Campus Haz Waste Program Coordinator
Bishop, Jamie 8894 Campus Biosafety Officer
Buckley, Zachary 7250 Campus Haz Waste Program Sr. Tech
Carrillo, Juan 7705 Campus Haz Waste Program Coordinator
Carter, Bruce 3293 Haz Waste Program Manager
Coleman, Jeremiah 7705 Campus Haz Waste Program Coordinator
Hughes, Garrett 7250 Haz Waste Program Senior Tech
McGann, James 7250 Community Haz Waste Program Sup
Peras, John 7250 Community Haz Waste Program Tech
Turner, Sean 7250 Community Haz Waste Program Tech
Woods, Jodi 7014 Environmental Compliance Specialist
Fire Safety
Harkins, Joe 7751 Acting Campus Fire Marshal
Ruse, Eric 3785 Deputy Fire Marshal
White, James 5848 Deputy Fire Marshal
Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene
Bickley, Jesse 8787 Industrial Hygiene Program Manager
Nieberding, Nick 3743 Industrial Hygiene Specialist
Lab and Occupational Safety
Vandenberg, David 4899 Laboratory Safety Program Manager
Acuña, Hector 8243 Lab Safety & Haz Mat Compliance Spec
Feeser, Chandra 3264 Laboratory Safety Specialist
Traitcheva, Nelly 5129 Laboratory Safety Specialist
Radiation Safety
Casto, Jim 3588 Radiation Safety Officer
Brown, Robert 7255 Health Physicist
Iverson, Derek 7256 Health Physicist
Risk Management & Insurance
Mudrick, Lee 2860 Risk Management & Insurance Administrator
Speer, Kathy 5837

Risk Management Coordinator
Workers' Compensation
Tyrrell-Simpson, Mari 4169 Manager of Workers' Compensation
Alvarado, Enrique 2661x2300 Safety Specialist
Durak, Eric (805) 451-1745 Wellness Specialist
Esparza, Cristina 3145 Workers' Comp Coordinator
Kenagy, Caitlin 5390 Ergonomic Assistant
Levy, Jill 2029 Workers' Comp Analyst
McAbee, Julie 3283 Ergonomic Coordinator
McGinnis, Lauren 4440 Claims Assistant
Seaman, John x2661, then x2306 Injury Prevention

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