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EH&S Resources

Environmental Health & Safety Programs

General Hazardous Waste
Biosafety Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Diving Safety Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health
Emergency Planning Lab and Occupational Safety
Environmental Health Program Radiation Safety
Fire Safety
Emergency Assistance (Fire, Police, Medical, Hazmat, etc.)
UCSB and University of California Policies
EH&S Guide to Services [PDF]
EH&S Contract and Grant Approvals [PDF]
EH&S Training Schedule
EH&S Training Schedule FAQ (EH&S) [PDF]
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Biological Safety
Medical Waste Management Plan (UCSB) [PDF]
Request for Authorization to Conduct Projects Involving Biohazards
Human Blood Cleanup Guidelines [PDF]
Diving Safety
Diving Safety Manual
Diving Safety Program Website
Emergency Planning    [Back to Top]
Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) [PDF]
Campus Emergency Operations Plan [PDF]
Department Emergency Status Report [PDF]
Emergency Response Information
Emergency Planning Resources
Emergency Information Flip Chart [PDF]
Environmental Health Program    [Back to Top]
Asbestos and Lead Program
Fire Safety     [Back to Top]
Building Emergency Assembly Points (EAP) [PDF]
Hazardous Waste    [Back to Top]
Community Hazardous Waste Center Flyer [PDF]
Chemical Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures (UCSB)
Hazardous Materials/Waste Pickup Request [Online]
Shipping Hazardous Materials [PDF]
Factsheets for Specific Chemicals
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)    [Back to Top]
UCSB Health and Safety Binder
Department Safety Representatives (DSR)
Hazard Reporting Form [PDF]
Inspection Checklist Guide for Supervisors: Physical Labor Work [PDF]
Training Checklist Guide for Supervisors: Physical Labor Work [PDF]
OSHA's Form 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses for 2011 [PDF]
General Safety Responsibilities and Resources
Safety and Health Protection on the Job Poster [PDF]
Industrial Hygiene   [Back to Top]
OSHA Hazard Communication Standards
Respiratory Protection Manual [PDF]
Lab and Occupational Safety   [Back to Top]
Chemical Fume Hood Guide
Chemical Spill Cleanup Procedures
Contractor and PF Personnel Working in UCSB Labs [PDF]
Fume Hood Usage Guide: Standard Hoods
Fume Hood Usage Guide: Variable Air Volume ("Phoenix" system)
Installation of New Hoods and Maintenance [PDF]
Laboratory Relocation Guide [PDF]
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
MSDS Access
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Laboratory Safety Fact Sheets
Radiation Safety   [Back to Top]
Laser Inventory Form [PDF]
Laser Safety Manual [PDF]
Laser User Responsibilities
Radiation: Permit Holder's Statement of Training and Experience Using Ionizing Radiation [DOC]
Radiation Badge Addition Form [PDF]
Radiation Badge Deletion Form [PDF]
Radiation Lost Badge Form [PDF]
Radiation: Application for Authorization to Use Radiation Producing Machines [PDF]
Radiation: Renewal of Ionizing Radiation Authorization for Academics Instruction [PDF]
Radiation: Training and Experience Record for Radiation Producing Machine Use [PDF]
Radioactive Waste Pick-up Request [Online]

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