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Incident Reporting

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What is an Incident?

An incident is an event that results in or causes injury or damage to someone or something, or an event that has the potential to result in or cause injury or damage. The University responds differently to different types of incidents. Different people and processes are involved depending upon the incident type.

Employee Injury or Illness

Go to the campus Workers’ Compensation website to report a work-related injury or illness involving a University employee or volunteer. Work-related injuries and illnesses must be reported to the campus within 24 hours of the University’s first notice of the incident.

Environmental Compliance Incident

Go to the campus Environmental Compliance website to report (1) a release, spill, leak, and/or discharge caused by, University personnel and operations, or (2) a release, spill, leak, and/or discharge that has impacted University personnel, property, or operations.

Report a Hazard or Unsafe Work Practice

Go to the campus Hazard Reporting page to report hazards, unsafe work practices, or other conditions that have the potential to cause harm.

3rd Party Incident

Go to 3rd Party Incident for information on how to report incidents that involve injury or damage to non-UC employees, students, visitors, non-UC event attendees, guests, and other third parties who are on University property or engaged in University activities, including, for example:

  • Exposures to a chemical, biological, or physical hazard, including hazardous fumes, gases, vapors, mists, particulates, temperature extremes, noise, biohazards, radioactivity, or intense light.
  • Injuries and/or near misses.
  • Damages to property not owned by the University.
  • Auto accidents on University property that do not involve University vehicles or employees.