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Heat Illness Prevention Program

Program Overview: The Heat Illness Prevention Standard (CCR, Title 8, Section 3395) requires all employers with outdoor worksites, or indoor worksites that meet or exceed 100o F to take certain steps to prevent heat related illness. Heat related illness is a serious medical condition that results when the body is unable to cool itself sufficiently by sweating. Both personal and environmental factors can contribute to the likelihood of developing heat related illnesses which include heat stress, heat exhaustion and ultimately, heat stroke. The focus of this program is to teach supervisors and employees how to reduce the risk of developing heat related illness, recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness and how to respond should a heat illness emergency occur.

Supervisor/Departmental Responsibilities: Departments and their supervisors have the primary responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of their employees. Departments that have employees who work outside, or in indoor areas where temperatures meet or exceed 100oF must:

EH&S Services: Environment, Health & Safety provides the following technical services:


Contact: For questions regarding the Heat Illness Prevention Program contact Jesse Bickley at 893-8787 or

NOTE: If someone is experiencing symptoms or signs of heat stroke or other related heat illness call for emergency medical assistance immediately (893-3446 for campus police, 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone) and report the incident to UCSB Workers’ Compensation (893-8050)).

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