Ergonomics Program

Hippus Handshoe Mouse

Hippus Handshoe Mouse


  • Available wired or wireless
  • Available for the left or right hand
  • Support of your hand and fingers prevents gripping and pinching, and your arm is supported at the ideal angle of 25-30 degrees which makes sure your forearm is completely relaxed.
  • Buttons are positioned in line with the fingers. Only minor pressure is required to click the buttons.
  • Allows for a relaxed position of the thumb and prevents excessive thumb action.
Rollermouse Pro 2

Rollermouse Pro 2

Gateway part number RM-PRO2-BLK


  • Sits in below your keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for the mouse
  • The rubber-coated rollerbar gives you solid and precise cursor control with minimal force. This allows you to move the cursor with a light touch, which relaxes your fingers, hands, and arms.