3. Our Department Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP) document in the green binder is pretty lengthy. Does EH&S expect that all employees read this?

No. All employees should be informed that your DEOP exists and that they can see it upon request, but they don’t need to read it. The document is really aimed at department administrators (including DSRs) to help them plan for and manage an emergency effectively. Administrators/DSRs should be familiar with the document and use it as directed.


However, there are key pieces of information from the DEOP that everyone should know, for example, locations of the following: building exits, Emergency Assembly Point, fire alarm pull stations, 1st aid kit, emergency phone numbers, etc. Beginning in 2008, this information should be wall-posted – and ideally shared by supervisors – on the UCSB Emergency Information Flipchart. The last page of the flipchart should be customized by the DSR to include the items noted above. The flipchart should be posted in all campus workareas. Contact EH&S for additional copies.


IIPP - Department Safety Representatives