Field Research Safety

Field Safety Plan and Insurance


Before you leave for a field trip, we encourage you to take the suggested steps below, which can help you lay the foundation of a successful trip:

  1. Create a code of conduct which outlines accepted and unaccepted behavior, and disciplinary consequences. Discussing and emphasizing on the code of conduct BEFORE the trip will help create a team culture in support of a productive work environment during the trip and will suppress misconduct. A Code of Conduct sample can be found here.
  2. Developing a Field Safety Plan is an essential part of ensuring your field work occurs in a safe and effective manner. Please use this Field Safety Plan to help prepare for your field work or develop your own. Please contact EH&S if you have any questions.
    Key elements of a Field Safety Plan include:
  3. We recommend creating a Travel Itinerary. You could create a separate document with travel details or use Page 4 of the Field Safety Plan (Additional Trip Information) to collect the following information:
    • Car rental details
    • Flight numbers
    • Departure times
    • Hotels or camp sites
    • Cell phone numbers of all participants
    • Activities planned and etc.



Travel Insurance

Register your trip with UC Away to obtain travel insurance documentation and location-specific travel alerts via e-mail. By registering at UC Away you create an account with Worldcue-TRAVELER. Worldcue® TRAVELER uses a traveler's specific itinerary or expatriate's assignment and personal profile to deliver customized reports and alerts.

Risk Management and Insurance

The UCSB Risk Management and Insurance's webpage provides detailed information regarding risk management related insurances. Questions or concerns regarding work related travel can be directed to UCSB Risk Management at 805.893.4169.

International Travel

UCGO is a webpage developed by UCOP which provides information and resources in support of UC's global activities.