Field Safety

Mono Lake
Alps, Italy
Alps, Italy
view at Dospat, Bulgaria
snow in Bulgaria


Regulations that Might Apply

International Field Work and Consulting may be subject to export controls. Export control regulations cover shipment of controlled physical items, such as scientific equipment and transfers of controlled information, including technical data. For help in determining potential export control issues contact the UCSB export control desk.
Drones in the field: The Center of Excellence on Unmanned Aircraft System Safety provides system-wide expertise, support and training for regulatory compliance, risk management and the safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly known as drones. Prior approval and post-flight reporting are required. The UC Drone Web App (sign in using your UCSB credentials and select the Drone symbol) provides a portal for managing flight requests and reporting for UC students, staff and faculty. User guide is available.

travel insurance

Enrolling in UC trip insurance: The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace.
UCGO: Provides information on international travel.
WorldCue Trip Planner (iJet): Plan your trip abroad.
Transportation Insurance: Automobiles, boats, etc.
CDC Travelers’ Health: Vaccines, medicines, advice
World Hospitals directory: Find a nearby hospital
US Department of State: For travel abroad
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Field Safety

National Weather Service
World Weather
UC Natural Reserve System: Register your visit
Rent a Remote Satellite System
The Ten Essentials by REI
CDC, drinking water
Heat Illness Prevention