Fire Prevention

Fire & Life Safety Training

Assists campus departments in meeting legal requirements and providing general awareness regarding health and safety practices and occupational hazards by offering life safety classes which include live hands-on fire extinguishment and proper extinguisher use. Provides annual specialized training for campus student employees charged with operating campus facilities.

UCSB Fire Extinguisher Training (Online)

This training is on the UCSB Learning Center and requires your UCSBNetID and password. The UCSB Fire Extinguisher Training is a “refresher training” for those who have already taken the “initial hands-on” training. This online training doesn't take the place of the "initial hands-on" training. For the "initial" training, please call 805.893.5848.

If You Discover a Fire
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
Your Extinguisher Must Fit the Fire