Emergency Response Procedures

The primary informational tool for response to campus incidents is the UCSB Emergency Information Flipchart pictured below. This document should already be posted in, or near, every laboratory, as well as in many offices. A Spanish version of the flipchart is available.

The last page (at right) should already be customized to include your local building information –such as the locations of the following: your building’s Emergency Assembly Point, fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations, first-aid kits, Automated External Defibrillators, etc. If it is not customized contact your local Department Safety Rep. Please familiarize yourself with the layout and general content of the flipchart. It can also be viewed online.

Power outages in labs are of particular concern – preparing for them and what to do during and afterwards. A fact sheet with some basic guidelines can be found here.

UCSB Emergency Flipchart
UCSB Emergency Flipchart - English

UCSB Emergency Flipchart - Spanish

last page of flipchart: building-specific information
Building-Specific Information
(Last Page of Flipchart - Modifiable )