Fire Extinguishers, First-Aid Kits & Emergency Showers / Eyewashes

fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers

Typically by the lab exit door and are the ABC variety (for flammable liquids/paper & wood/electrical, but not for flammable metals). EH&S conducts hands-on extinguisher training for most who attend the EH&S Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety class. See pg. II-3 for fire procedures. There is also an online extinguisher tutorial/video that individuals can complete. All campus individuals are strongly encouraged to complete this tutorial and view as refresher training when needed.

Online Fire Extinguisher Usage Tutorial:
UC Learning Center
Need “UCSB Net ID” to login. Then search on “fire extinguisher”

first aid kit

First-Aid Kits

Individual laboratories should have their own 1st aid kit nearby in a location known to all. Supplies should be checked regularly. Departmental kits may not be accessible after-hours.

Emergency Showers and Eyewashes

emergency shower

  • Know where your nearest unit is – they are typically within the lab, or in the corridor nearby. Units must be accessible always- no items should block access.
  • In the case of chemical exposure to eyes or skin, flush the injury for a minimum of 15 minutes. Be sure to leave the eyes open under the water to flush them.
  • Showers can also be used to extinguish a fire on an individual, or their clothing
  • Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for material and show it to the doctor/nurse.
  • Facilities periodically flushes emergency eyewash stations and showers. Lab personnel should also flush the eyewashes at least monthly as a precautionary measure. Call Facilities at 805.893.2661 if you have concerns regarding a specific unit.
  • Eyewashes are plumbed with potable water - unlike the rest of the laboratory which is often on "industrial water"- and is considered safe to use on your body.
  • Many eyewash/shower units are not equipped with a floor drain. This is because they are so infrequently used that they did not justify the cost of a drain when the building was constructed. Also, it is illegal to flush materials down the drain.