Obtaining Free Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Via the UC Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (“LHAT”)

To facilitate the policy summarized on pg. II-6, UC provides the following resources:

  1. The online Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (“LHAT”) is for supervisor’s to do PPE assessments for their workers. The LHAT can only be accessed via an individual’s UCSB NetID and password. Per UC policy, the LHAT assessment must be re-certified/revised online at least every 3 years, or more often if changes occur. Contact EH&S for assistance.
  2. For lab workers, the LHAT provides a summary of the lab’s PPE needs and provides/documents training on basic lab coat and eyewear use and maintenance
  3. Free laboratory coats (3 types for different hazards), safety eyewear and communal face shields and lab aprons – see below. Use & Limitations of UC-provided PPE.
  4. Free lab coat laundering services – see below


Obtaining Free PPE


After the lab supervisor completes the LHAT process, their workers login to the LHAT to review the assessment results, watch a short training video, take a short quiz and print out a “PPE voucher”. With the voucher they may pick-up two free lab coats and eyewear at the Graduate Storeroom in the Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry (Bldg. 557, room 1432). Short-time lab workers may receive a “loaner” coat they return.

For the many short-term summer intern lab workers each year, the procedure for obtaining their PPE is generally different – click here

Lab Coat Laundry Service

There are seven sites on campus for workers to drop off their dirty lab coats for laundering and pick-up when clean. Each coat will be marked with the coat’s unique identifier number and the individual’s name. Your cleaned coat will be returned to the one site that you designate – FAQs Lab coats and safety eyewear which are no longer needed should be recycled for reuse by placing in the separate designated bins at one of the seven sites noted above.