Safety Data Sheets

What is a Safety Data Sheet?

SDS are a summary of the health hazards of a chemical material and associated recommended safe work practices. SDS are required by OSHA under the Lab Safety Standard and Hazard Communication Standard to be made readily available by chemical vendors to the purchasers of their chemicals. The use and relevance of SDS are covered in the mandatory EH&S Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety class. If you work in a lab, then OSHA says you should:

  • be aware of what an SDS is and their relevance to your health and safety
  • be aware of how to access SDS for your work area
  • maintain SDSs that are received with incoming chemical shipments and ensure that they are readily accessible to lab employees during each work shift when they are in their work area(s). Electronic access per below is acceptable with a printer.

SDS Sources

right-to-know information material safety data sheets

UC SDS Database

Laboratory Chemical Safety Summaries
(not SDS, but quality info aimed at labs)

Fisher Scientific SDS

Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc. (SIRI)

Sigma-Aldrich MSDS

SDS Provider (Manufacturer-direct access)

Matheson’s Gases