5. Maintenance of Engineering Controls, Personal Protective Equipment & Emergency Equipment

Per the Laboratory Standard: “.....a requirement that fume hoods comply with section 5154.1 (Title 8, CCR), and that all protective equipment shall function properly and that specific measures shall be taken to ensure proper and adequate performance of such equipment....”

General Responsibilities:

Facilities Management (FM)

Responsible for routine maintenance, replacement and installation of University-owned building emergency systems and environmental controls. Must inform affected departments and/or individuals in a timely way when building systems are, or will be, non-functional.

Environmental Health & Safety

Responsible for evaluating effectiveness of engineering control measures and emergency equipment used on campus. Will make recommendations to FM and users on implementation of appropriate equipment and control measures as needed.

Lab Supervisor/Lab Personnel

Responsible for monitoring status and effectiveness of equipment and control measures. Responsible for reporting to appropriate campus entity if equipment is not functioning properly or are inadequate.

Specific Responsibilities

Fume Hoods/Gas Cabinets (per CCR, Title 8, 5154.1)

Maintenance: Facilities Management
Annual certification: EH&S

Biosafety Cabinets (per CCR, Title 8, 5154.2)

Maintenance: Owner (generally lab supervisors)
Annual certification: Generally, owner covers cost of outside vendor certification. Biosafety Committee typically requires cabinet use as part of their authorization

Lab-Owned or Specialized Local Exhaust Ventilation (e.g., laminar flow hoods)

Maintenance: Owner responsibility. Given the specialized nature of these, FM does not have the expertise to maintain these.
Certification testing: Owner responsibility. Given the specialized nature of these, FM nor EH&S have the capability to test these and should be performed by an outside testing company like TSS, Inc. under UC contract.

Emergency Showers and Eyewashes (per CCR, Title 8, 5162)

Maintenance & testing Facilities shall check on a regular basis by running water through them until the water runs clear and repair as needed and keep records.

Respirators (per CCR, Title 8, 5144)

Administration: EH&S has sole responsibility for approval, fit-testing and issuance. Lab supervisors are responsible for identifying and directing individuals to EH&S who may require respirators in their work.)
Maintenance: Lab supervisor or designee

Other Personal Protective Equipment (per CCR, Title 8, 3380-3387)

Maintenance: Generally provided by UCSB, or the lab supervisor – maintenance & replacement are the responsibility of the supervisor and lab personnel. See Sec. II-6 to -10.

Fire Extinguishers, Detectors, Alarms, Suppression Systems (per CA Fire Code and Building Code)

Administration: The campus Fire Marshal‘s office is responsible for evaluation and approval of these systems
Maintenance: Facilities Management

Gas Detection/Alarm Systems (per CA Fire Code and Building Code)

Administration: EH&S has responsibility for evaluation and approval of code-required gas detection/alarm systems
Maintenance: Facilities Management, or Cleanroom staff

Emergency Phones

Maintenance: Communications Services

Hazardous Materials Spill Response Equipment (per CCR, Title 8, 5192)

Maintenance: EH&S is responsible for equipping, maintaining and using the primary hazmat response equipment stores for the campus. Individual labs or departments may have local supplies which they maintain.