8. Medical Consultation & Examination

The Laboratory Standard states that: “The employer shall provide all employees who work with hazardous chemicals an opportunity to receive medical attention, including any follow-up examinations which the examining physician determines to be necessary, under the following circumstances”:

  • When an employee develops signs or symptoms associated with a hazardous chemical to which that employee may have been exposed
  • Where exposure monitoring reveals an exposure level routinely above the action level or PEL for an OSHA-regulated substance
  • Whenever an event takes place in the work area such as a spill, leak, or explosion resulting in the likelihood of a hazardous exposure”

The University has established the following procedures, when it is known or suspected that an employee or student has been exposed to a hazardous chemical(s) or is otherwise injured on campus.

  • All employees suffering from chemical exposure or other work-related injury incurred at UCSB shall be evaluated/examined at University expense. Students are covered by their required medical insurance.
  • If the injured/exposed person is safe to transport, escort them to either Student Health Services (undergraduate students), Goleta Valley Community Hospital, or their primary physician for evaluation. Contact EH&S at x3194, or x4440 immediately to initiate medical coverage procedures.
  • In some cases a work-related chemical exposure may be suspected but not certain. For example, some low-level but chronic exposures may be difficult to identify or relate to specific symptoms. In these instances, contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer at x4899 to arrange a review of the suspected exposure.
  • The Laboratory Standard includes specific provisions regarding the employer’s exchange of information with the examining physician. The provisions of the Standard will be followed as stipulated therein.