Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

Access to Spill Cleanup Materials

Chemical spill cleanup materials are located in the following “spill closets” for use by lab personnel. Consult your local administration if you need key access to these areas. You should only cleanup a spill if you feel comfortable/safe doing so and have the appropriate training and equipment.

Physical Sciences North:

  • 3rd floor  Rm 3651;
  • 2nd floor Rm 2651;

California Nanosystems Institute:

  • 3rd floor outside room 3434;
  • 2nd floor outside room 2437;
  • 1st floor outside room 1437

Engineering Science Building:

  • Rm 3231A
  • Rm 2231A

Life Sciences Building:

  • Rm 1108

Bren Building:

  • Rm 2335