Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

Lab Inspection Programs

Self Inspections

Although EH&S does regular lab inspections, it is still required under California law that employers (PIs) do regular self-inspections. See Laboratory Self-Inspection Checklist.

EH&S Inspections

Environmental Health & Safety routinely performs a variety of lab inspections, including targeted inspections for those labs which use Radiation and Biohazards.

EH&S attempts to visit every campus lab at least once a year.

The purpose of the surveys is to assist PIs and workers in recognizing areas of their working environment where worker safety and regulatory compliance must be improved.

General descriptions of the issues we look at are on the Laboratory Self-Inspection Checklist. Written results of the surveys are provided to the faculty or staff supervisor and department administration.

Inspections by Outside Agencies

If you are ever contacted/visited by an outside agency that has oversight on safety or environmental issues (e.g., SB County, EPA, OSHA, CA Department of Health Services), please contact EH&S immediately. We will accompany the inspectors and assist you in answering their questions.

Santa Barbara County does routine campus lab inspections for chemical waste management practices and Business Plan concerns. EH&S informs departments of these visits weeks before hand, and helps departments in their preparations. In the chemical waste arena, EH&S provides the mandatory training for all waste generators that the County inspector asks for. Check out these two links to be in compliance with the County inspections: