Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

Laboratory Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment


Assessment (link below) is the new and enhanced version of LHAT, an on-line safety solution intended to identify and
communicate hazards present in a lab or research area, to prevent workplace illness and injuries. It offers
the ability to easily manage hazard assessments, determine personal protective equipment (PPE) needs
and maintains training records required to help ensure that lab members are properly protected.

Principle Investigator (PI) and/or Lab Contact (Delegate):
   • Ability to identify/assign members to a lab group
   • Determine hazards that are present in the lab through a set of guided questions
   • Easily communicate laboratory hazards to lab roster
   • Identify the proper PPE to be used based on the hazard assessment results
   • Provide ability to recertify assessments when changes are needed

Lab Member:
   • View potential hazards present in the lab through the assessment
   • Receive a list of proper PPE to be used in your lab setting
   • Receive training and demonstrate understanding of the training on the selected PPE for your lab

Login to Assessment at:

Accessing the System
Access solution:
• Log in using your UCSBnetID login Username and Password.
• If you are having problems authenticating using your campus Single Sign-On (SSO) account please
  contact UCSB Idenity Services at:

Campus Affiliates or non-employees- please follow these instructions
Access Assessment at:
 • You must have a campus assigned login using Username and Password.
 • For additional assistance, please contact Enterprise Technology Services Desk at:

Questions about your hazard assessment
Anthropology, Bren, Chemical Engineering, CNSI, EEMB, Earth Science, ERI, Geography, MSI, NRS, Psychology contact: Nelly Traitcheva at: 805.893.5129

ARC, Chemistry, ECE, Materials, MCDB, Mechanical Engineering, MRL, NRI, Physics contact Chandra Feeser at: 805.893.3264

If you have questions about the Lab Hazard Assessment solution, please contact the Risk and Safety
Service Desk at:

Assessment Tool

New Login Information for Laboratory Safety Apps (Assessment, Chemicals, etc.)

Steps to Obtaining Free Personal Protective Equipment

For more information about the Personal Protective Equipment programs on campus, please visit our Personal Protective Equipment page.