Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

EH&S Laboratory Safety Review Program

EH&S will visit each lab space at least once per year.  The main program through which these visits are conducted is the Laboratory Safety Review Program.  This process consists of the following steps:

  1. An EH&S staff member will reach out to each research group, and schedule a meeting time with the PI or a delegate.
  2. The EH&S staff member and the PI/delegate will review various elements of the group’s safety program:  standard operating procedures, training records, walk-through of the physical space, etc.
  3. A report will then be sent to the PI via email.
  4. A follow-up visit will then be scheduled so that EH&S can validate and assist with the resolution of any findings.

An overview of the process can be found here.

An annual schedule by department can be found here.

Laboratories with Biological and/or Radiological hazards will also receive independent targeted visits from the Radiation Safety Officer and/or Biosafety Officer.

Self Inspections

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that employers (PI’s) conduct regular self-inspections of their workspaces.  To assist with this, EH&S has developed this Self-Inspection Checklist.

Inspections by Outside Agencies

If you are ever contacted/visited by an outside agency that has oversight on safety or environmental issues (e.g., SB County, EPA, OSHA, CA Department of Health Services), please contact EH&S immediately. We will accompany the inspectors and assist you in answering their questions.

Santa Barbara County does routine campus lab inspections for hazardous material and chemical waste management practices. EH&S informs departments of scheduled visits and provides assistance with their preparations and corrective actions (when applicable).