Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

Training Program

There are a number of trainings required for all researchers at UCSB to complete before working in the laboratory. The three primary training requirements are:

  • The Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety Initial (live or on-line).
  • A hazard assessment review and PPE training via the Assessment online tool.
  • A laboratory-specific safety orientation, including CHP/SOP review, etc.

Additionally, there are site and hazard specific trainings required on an as-needed basis. These include biological safety, radiation safety, laser safety, etc.

All of these trainings should be documented on the Training Needs Assessment Form PDF / Word. This form also serves as a checklist to confirm that all needed trainings have been received.

For an overview of training requirement for new lab members, click here.


For a full list of trainings offered by EH&S, click here.


Additionally, the DOW LAB SAFETY ACADEMY has a number of useful on line safety videos available.

  • For training videos on basic safety principles such as Lab Housekeeping, Fire Extinguisher Basics, etc., click here.
  • For training videos on specialized topics such as gas cylinders, cryogens, and vacuum equipment, click here.
  • For training videos on Hazard Assessment techniques, click here.
  • For training videos on Safety Culture topics such as Mentoring and Interventions, click here.