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Farmers Market

Faculty, students, and staff can find locally grown produce and artisan goods (Tri-County area including Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo) at the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market.

Farmers Market at UCSB

The Farmers Market Committee, Campus Concessions, and UCSB Risk Management are responsible for approving vendors who want to participate in the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market. The Farmers Market Committee will provide vendors with a copy of the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market Rules & Regulations, the insurance requirements, and a UCSB Concessions Permit Application. UCSB Risk Management is responsible for reviewing and approving a vendor’s insurance (see FS: Food Service Insurance Requirements). Campus Concessions issues the required Campus Concessions Permit (see Obtaining a Campus Concessions Permit).

Farmers Market Insurance Requirements

Vendors must show evidence that they meet the University’s insurance and Permit requirements before they can obtain a Campus Concessions Permit and participate in the Farmers Market. The insurance review and approval process is as follows:

  1. Vendor submits a Certificate of Insurance and applicable Permit to the Risk Management Office.
  2. Vendor’s insurance must comply with the University’s insurance requirements; see FS: Food Service Insurance Requirements.
  3. The Risk Management office will notify the Farmers Market Committee and Campus Concessions when the vendor’s insurance meets the University’s requirements.

Obtaining a Campus Concessions Permit

The UCSB Concessions Permit contains terms and conditions that protect the University in the event that the Farmers Market vendor’s acts or omissions are responsible for injury. Vendors cannot participate in the Farmers Market without an approved UCSB Concessions Permit.

After the Risk Management office has notified the Farmers Market Committee and Campus Concessions that the vendor’s Certificate of Insurance and applicable Permit meet the University’s requirements, the vendor must complete the following steps to obtain an approved Campus Concessions Permit:

  1. Contact Campus Concessions or the Farmers Market Committee and request a Campus Concessions Permit Application.
  2. Complete and sign the Campus Concessions Permit Application.
  3. Submit the Campus Concessions Permit Application to the Farmers Market Committee.
  4. The Farmers Market Committee will review the Application and then submit it to Campus Concessions for review and approval.
  5. Campus Concessions will issue a UCSB Concessions Permit to the vendor upon receipt of the applicable permit fees.

Food Trucks at the Farmers Market

Campus Concessions has exclusive responsibility to review and approve the use of any food truck that sells food or provides catering service on the UCSB campus. Food truck vendors who want to participate in the Farmers Market must contact Campus Concessions directly.

Food Safety & Sanitation

The University requires that Farmers Market vendors, caterers, concessionaires, and food trucks comply with University policies and procedures regarding food safety and sanitation and the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department’s Requirements for Temporary Food Facilities. UCen Catering, Special Events Catering, Campus Concessions, and Environmental Health & Safety reserve the right to monitor and inspect food distribution by commercial food providers at University events to ensure compliance with these requirements.