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General Liability Insurance

The University's General Liability Self Insurance Program covers the University and its employees for claims that arise out of University operations and premises. The program provides coverage when the negligent acts or omissions of the University are alleged to have caused bodily injury or property damage to third parties.

The General Liability Self-Insurance Program does not cover losses or damages that are not caused by the University, breach of contract claims, hazardous waste or pollution spills, land use disputes, losses arising from the use of aircraft or watercraft which exceed 40 feet in length, or any illnesses or injuries to employees that are covered by the University’s Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Program.

Program Administration

The General Liability Self-Insurance Program is paid for by UC campuses and medical centers. The Office of the President Risk Services manages the funding and administration of the Program through the use of a third party claims administrator. When a claim is made that the University’s negligence has caused bodily injury or property damage to a third party, the third party claims administrator will investigate the allegations to determine if the injury or damage was indeed the University’s fault. The Program pays the costs of investigation, defense and settlement of these kinds of claims and lawsuits. For more information about this Program, go to OPRS: General Liability Insurance.

Filing a Claim or Serving a Lawsuit

If you want to file a claim or serve a lawsuit against the University, go to 3rd Party Claims & Complaints.