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Professional Medical Hospital Liability

The University’s Professional Medical & Hospital Liability (PMHL) Self-Insurance Program provides coverage for medical and dental malpractice claims and lawsuits that occur at University of California healthcare facilities, including student health, counseling, and psychological service centers and veterinary services. It also covers University healthcare practitioners, including university physicians, dentists, residents, fellows, nurses and other healthcare employees, for acts or omissions arising out of the course and scope of their University employment.

Program Administration

The Professional Medical Hospital Self-Insurance Program is paid for by UC campuses and medical centers. The Office of the President Risk Services manages the funding and administration of the Program through the use of a third party claims administrator. When a claim is made against the University, the third party claims administrator investigates the allegations to determine if the University was responsible. The Program pays the costs of investigation, defense and settlement of these kinds of claims and lawsuits. For more information about this Program, go to OPRS PMHL Insurance Program.

Filing a Claim or Complaint

If you want to file a claim or serve a lawsuit against the University, go to 3rd Party Claims & Complaints.