Risk Management & Insurance


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UC Travel Insurance

University Travel Insurance provides worldwide coverage for UC employees traveling on official University business and to UC students participating in UC-sponsored and supervised off-campus activities. Coverage is free and in effect 24-hours/day. Go to Travel Insurance for more information.

Travel Planning

Travel planning will mitigate and reduce the unique risks associated with travel to foreign countries. Measures that can help organize and control the travel experience are described in this section. Go to Travel Planning for more information.

Travel Risk Assessment

Foreign travel risk assessment involves the methodical identification of potential health and security risks, the development of measures to reduce or avoid them, and figuring out in advance how to respond to emergencies if and when they occur. Go to Travel Risk Assessment for more information.

Field Trips

Field trips expose participants to risks that are not present in the classroom. Department employees who plan and organize field trips will reduce the exposure to risk and better ensure the safety of University staff and students during field trips by implementing measures to organize and control the field trip experience. Go to Field Trips for more information.