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UC Personal Travel Insurance

The Personal Travel Insurance Program provides quality travel insurance, for a cost, to employees and students who are engaged in personal travel that is unrelated to their work as an employee or their studies as a UC student. The UC Personal Insurance Program is not affiliated with any University-provided employee benefit nor does the University recommend or endorse the coverage. As with any commercial travel insurance, the insured traveler is responsible for paying the premium, arranging for any travel assistance services, and resolving claims or coverage issues directly with the insurance carrier.

Register for Personal Travel Insurance

The UC Personal Travel Insurance Program offers three travel plan options designed to integrate insurance benefits with valuable travel assistance services to help provide the extra protection you need while traveling far from home. This travel insurance program responds to medical emergencies for travelers outside of their home country or country of permanent residence by providing accident and sickness benefits and valuable travel assistance services. If you want to purchase this coverage or would like more information about it, go to OPRS: Personal Travel Insurance Program.

Register for Travel Alerts

The University contracts with iJET/Worldcue to provide travelers with intelligence and alerts when they travel. Travelers can register their travel itinerary with iJET/World and receive real-time notices and alerts via email about political unrest, natural disasters, and health warnings affecting the areas where they are traveling as well as information about required immunizations, entry/exit, safety and security, language, transportation, weather, communications, legal and cultural issues, and currency exchange rates. This is a valuable resource when traveling where information is tightly controlled and can help the traveler avoid difficulties both before and during a trip. If you want to enroll for real-time alerts and intelligence while you travel or want more information about iJET/Worldcue about it, go to OPRS: Personal Travel Insurance Program.

You may also contact iJET/Worldcue directly by sending an email to customerservice@ijet.com or calling 443.716.2419. You will need to provide your name, home campus, email address, destination, and itinerary.