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AAUS / UC Consortium Dive Physical Form
Contraindications to Diving
UC Consortium Diving Manual
Equipment Inspection Form
Diving Checklist

Maintaining Diver Authorization

Dive Physical

  • FREQUENCY: A diving physical is required within the preceding 5 years (3 years if over the age of 40, 2 years if over the age of 60) from the last diving medical evaluation.
  • FOLLOWING ANY MAJOR INJURY OR ILLNESS: Clearance to return to diving should be obtained from a physician following any major injury or illness or any possible contraindications to diving. Please refer to NAUI's List of Contraindications to Diving and contact DAN and/or the UC Consortium DSO if you have any questions concerning your fitness to dive.

Dive Logs

  • All UC related scientific dives should be logged into your online dive log monthly. During any 12-month period, each certified scientific diver should log a minimum of 12 dives to remain active. Please contact the UC Consortium DSO to set up a refresher dive.

Depth Rating Authorization

  • Scientific divers can lead a UC scientific dive up to their depth rating authorization (30’/60’/100’/130’/150’). At least one dive to the depth of authorization should be made during each six-month period. Please contact the UC Consortium DSO to increase your depth authorization rating.

CPR, First Aid & Oxygen Administration

  • Diver Emergency Management training should be current and the UC Consortium CPR/O2/First Aid refresher training can be set up as needed. Please contact the UC Consortium DSO to update your training.


  • Scuba regulators, hoses, and gauges shall be inspected by the diver prior to each use. Scuba regulators, hoses, and gauges shall be functionally inspected/tested at intervals not to exceed 12 months.
  • The regulator’s first and second stages should also be serviced at a minimum of every two years, or per manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Scuba Cylinders: Must be hydrostatically tested in accordance with DOT standards and be visually inspected every 12 months.
  • Please contact the UC Consortium DSO if you have any questions or to have your gear inspected.

Scientific Diver Status

  • Active: Diver has current medical examination with no contraindications for diving, has current training in CPR, First Aid and Oxygen Administration, and has met the 12 dives per year standard.
  • Sustaining: Diver has one or more deficiencies, i.e., medical examination has expired, CPR / O2 provider is not current, equipment not currently inspected or has not maintained the 12 divers per year activity level. Please contact the UC Consortium DSO if you have any questions concerning your diver status.
  • Inactive: Diver has let medical examination expire and/or has not maintained minimum dive frequency of 12 dives per year for over a year. Reconsideration for ACTIVE dive status requires contacting the Consortium Dive Safety Officer, updating your records, and may require refresher training and/or a skills/academic evaluation.
  • Restricted: Special limitations are imposed on diving activities in which the diver may participate, e.g., restrictions due to the diver’s medical status or questionable skills.

UC Consortium Scientific Diver Classification Levels

  • Scientific Diver: A diver that has met all scientific diver training requirements.
  • Trainee: A newly trained scientific diver that has not completed the 12 required scientific dives. Individuals qualified at the Trainee level must dive with an active UC scientific diver at all times.
  • Visiting Diver: Diver certified through reciprocity from another scientific diving program and must dive with an active UC Consortium scientific diver.