Industrial Hygiene

Respiratory Protection Program

The purpose of this program is to prevent and control occupational diseases caused by breathing air contaminated with hazardous substances. The primary objective is to prevent atmospheric contamination from occurring. When effective engineering controls are not feasible, or while they are being instituted, respiratory protection shall be used. Respiratory protection must be selected carefully as respirators are designed to protect only against specific types of substances and in certain concentration ranges. Per Cal/OSHA requirements (CCR, Title 8, Section 5144) and UCSB Policy 5440 individuals must be properly trained, fit tested and complete a medical evaluation prior to being assigned job duties that require the use of a respirator. Additionally per UCSB Policy 5440, The Office of Environmental Health and Safety shall act as the sole source for purchasing, maintaining, fitting and approving the use of all respiratory protection equipment on campus. For directions on how to obtain a respirator please click here.

Supervisor & Departmental Responsibilities

Departments and their supervisors have the primary responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of their employees. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring documented Job Hazard Assessments (JHAs) are performed for all job tasks using hazardous substances or requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Ensuring all individuals working with hazardous substances outside of a laboratory are included in the UCSB Hazard Communication Program.
  • Identifying employees who need respiratory protection equipment and ensuring they are enrolled in the UCSB Respiratory Protection Program and are up to date on program requirements.
  • Ensuring proper use of respiratory protective equipment.
  • Notifying EH&S of any changes relating to their employees’ health or the hazards for which their respirator will be used.

EH&S Resources & Services

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) administrative responsibility for the UCSB Respiratory Protection Program, and will assist departments in meeting their requirements under the program upon request. Specific EH&S Services and Resources are listed below:

  • Directions for Obtaining a Respirator
  • UCSB Respiratory Protection Program Manual
  • Respiratory Protection Training - Email the RPP or call 805.893.3743 or 805.893.8787 for more details
  • UCSB Respiratory Protection Program Compliance Checklist
  • Conducts IH surveys and exposure monitoring to determine if, and what type, of respiratory protection equipment is needed.
  • Coordinates medical evaluations to ensure individuals are healthy enough to wear a respirator.
  • Conducts initial and annual refresher training to ensure proper use of respiratory protection equipment.
  • Issues respiratory protection equipment for use on campus when needed.
  • Conducts fit-tests to ensure proper fit of respiratory protection equipment.

Additional Resources

For questions regarding the Respiratory Protection Program or to obtain respiratory protection equipment email or call 805.893.8787 or 805.893.3743.