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Title Course code Program Course type Date and time
AAUS Scientific Diving History and Regulations DS03 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Adult CPR / AED HSSSFA-107 General Safety Live
Adult First-Aid / CPR / AED HSSSFA-404 General Safety Live
Autoclave Safety LS20 Biological Safety Online
BSL2 Handling Practices, Bloodborne Pathogens and Medical Waste LS02 Biological Safety Live
  • 10/20/2016
    9:00am to 11:00am
  • 01/19/2017
    9:00am to 11:00am
  • 04/20/2017
    9:00am to 11:00am
  • 07/13/2017
    9:00am to 11:00am
Confined Space Entry - Permit Required IH34 Industrial Hygiene Live
CPR / AED for Healthcare Providers & Professional Rescuers HSSSPRO-101 General Safety Live
Decompression Profiling for Diving DS11 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Disaster Contingency Planning for Research and Laboratory Animals TR38 Emergency Planning Online
Diver and Diving Support Equipment DS07 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Diving Accident Management and Emergency Procedures DS04 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Diving Physics DS08 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Diving Physiology DS09 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Diving Under Special Conditions DS12 Dive & Boat Safety Online
DOT 1: Hazardous Materials Table DUP EH16SS Environmental Health Online
DOT 2: Packaging and Labeling DUP EH17SS Environmental Health Online
DOT 3: Shipping Papers DUP EH18SS Environmental Health Online
DOT 4: Loading and Storage DUP EH19SS Environmental Health Online
DOT Security for Shipment of Hazardous Materials DUP EH20SS Environmental Health Online
Field Safety First Aid Field Safety Live
Field Trip Planning Field Safety Live
Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety - LIVE LS01 Lab Safety Live
  • 06/30/2017
    9:00am to 12:00pm
Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety - ONLINE LS60 Lab Safety Online
Handling High Pressure Cylinders for Diving DS06 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Hazard Communication and GHS IH25 Industrial Hygiene Online
Hazardous Aquatic Life for Divers DS05 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Hazardous Materials Shipping: Dry Ice _6QhiP05f7D2_course_id Environmental Health Online
HazMat Shipping General Awareness TR39 Environmental Health Online
Hearing Conservation IH11 Industrial Hygiene Live
Heat Illness Prevention IH15 Industrial Hygiene Online
Hyperbaric Chambers and Support Equipment for Diving DS15 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Laboratory Safety Awareness Training For Support Personnel LS70 Lab Safety Online
Laser Safety SB-UCLOL0028-ECO Radiation Safety Online
Nitrox Diving DS10 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Polluted-Water Diving DS14 Dive & Boat Safety Online
Radiation Producing Machines SB-UCLOL0020-ECO Radiation Safety Online
Radiation Refresher RA03 Radiation Safety Online
Radiation Safety For Users of Radioactive Materials RA06 Radiation Safety Online
Refresher - Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Healthcare Workers LSREF Biological Safety Online
Respiratory Protection IH07 Industrial Hygiene Live
Safety Rights, Responsibilities and Resources (IIPP) for Non-Supervisors TR29 Injury & Illness Prevention (IIPP) Online
Safety Rights, Responsibilities and Resources (IIPP) for Office Supervisors TR25 Injury & Illness Prevention (IIPP) Online
Safety Rights, Responsibilities and Resources (IIPP) for Physical Trades Supervisors TR27 Injury & Illness Prevention (IIPP) Online
Scientific Diver First Aid Refresher DS01 Dive & Boat Safety Live
Surface Supplied Diving DS13 Dive & Boat Safety Online
UCSB Controlled Substances TR36 Radiation Safety Online
UCSB Fire Extinguisher Training FI03 Fire Prevention Online
UCSB Hazardous Waste Generator Training EH23 Environmental Health Online
UCSB Online Ergonomic Training & Assessment (2.0) REMOES002 Ergonomic Online