UCSB Laboratory Safety Manual and Chemical Hygiene Plan

To print out a hard copy of the entire UCSB CHP click here to access a pdf version. But, note that the CHP is updated annually per Cal-OSHA. So, please be sure any hard copies you use have a date of less than a year old.

Creating Your Lab-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan

All laboratories which use chemicals are subject to the OSHA standard titled: Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories; commonly known as the "Laboratory Safety Standard". The goal of this page is to give lab supervisors directions for complying with this regulation, but is not intended to provide a review of the details of the regulation - for that see Section III of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

The major requirement of the Lab Standard is to develop a written, Lab-specific Chemical Hygiene Plan which addresses the policies, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. that ensure that employees are protected from harm due to chemicals. At the top right is the link to template forms to aid lab supervisors in accomplishing this.

But first, a few guidelines:

  • Your lab-specific CHP is complementary to the Campus portion of the CHP.
  • After your templates are completed, add them to the "Chemical Hygiene Plan" tab of the binder noted above. We recommend that the binder reside in the lab area for employee reference.
  • The templates are only a guide. Supervisors can add whatever info they wish in fleshing-out their CHP. Supervisors have wide latitude in customizing their CHP as long as it addresses the intent of the standard.
  • Give special attention to the use of Particularly Hazardous Substances (PHS). See the introduction to Template #4.
  • A well-done CHP can significantly add to lab safety, i.e., don't view the CHP as a bureaucratic requirement that then gathers dust. Per the Standard, all lab workers must review and understand your CHP and it should be updated at least annually.