Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

EH&S Contract and Grant Approvals

EH&S reviews a health and safety questionnaire for new contracts and grants that have previously been identified by the Office of Research as needing EH&S review. The form underwent a major revision in 2014, with the addition of new questions. Grants officers are asked to use the following guidelines:

  • Submit the form via campus mail, or fax (805.893.8659) to Dave Vandenberg, or Jim Casto at EH&S. Include short documentation which gives an overview of the proposal (abstract, or scope of work, or project summary, etc.). Please don’t send the whole proposal.
  • If there has been no change in the scope of the research that would change the questionnaire, i.e. continuation, or increment grant, you may inform one of the above of this. In this case, we will release the grant without resubmission of the questionnaire.
  • If the grant is a renewal we ask that a new questionnaire be submitted for approval.
  • We also require that the PI sign/date the bottom of the form.