Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety - LIVE


Lab Safety

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1:30pm to 3:30pm


Per campus and UC training policies this class is mandatory for all laboratory workers.

This class is usually offered twice per quarter, but generally once in the summer.

The week before campus instruction begins in September this class is also offered for the incoming graduate students for/at the major lab departments.

Online pre-enrollment is not required for the incoming graduate students in September, nor is the class listed online. Others are welcome to sit in on the September sessions, but please contact EH&S at x8243, or hector.acuna@ehs.ucsb to reserve a space.

Topics covered in the training include: Hands-on fire extinguisher training; review of lab hazards and safe work practices relevant to chemicals, compressed gases, electricity, cryogenics, waste disposal, personal protective equipment, emergency response and campus safety resources. The class satisfies a number of basic regulatory training requirements, but is not a substitute for lab-specific training.

Accessing the Training in the UC Learning Center