Mission Statement

The office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is committed to promoting a safe and healthful environment for research, instruction and the campus community. Through education, auditing and monitoring, technical consultation, and the provision of direct services, EH&S assists the campus in meeting its obligations for compliance with State and Federal health, safety and environmental regulations.

EH&S Operating Principles and Commitments

1. Respect

We all strive to respect and value one another’s opinions and experience, and the services each of us provide.

2. Communication

We commit to be proactive in communicating about issues or asking for support while keeping the managers of each unit in the loop, as well.

3. Integrity

We commit to openly communicating the policies and expectations we’ve adopted as EH&S, so that each area is seen as operating ethically and equitably.

4. Trust

We commit to operating with one another in ways that reinforce and support trustworthiness.

5. Stewardship

Commitment to serving the institution as our legacy.