What is the Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

The IIPP is the most important health and safety regulation/program on campus, and in California.  The IIPP law is administered by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA). In short, this law requires employers to establish the following foundation safety program elements that apply to all workers regardless of their particular job duties:

  1. Ensure that workers are trained in, and comply with, safe work practices
  2. Inspect for and correct unsafe/unhealthy work conditions as soon as possible
  3. Maintain documentation of all training and inspections
  4. Encourage workers to report unsafe conditions (Hazard Reporting Form) without fear of reprisal
  5. Communicate safety issues in a way that is understandable to all workers
  6. Report and investigate all occupational injuries

How is the IIPP Implemented at UCSB?

As with all campus worker safety programs, the primary implementers of the IIPP are supervisors, faculty and their department administrations (see campus policy #5400). The role of EH&S is to inform campus administrators of their IIPP responsibilities and to provide them appropriate tools to assist with implementation. These tools include:

  • Each department must have a written IIPP program as required by Cal-OSHA. Your local written plan should be maintained by your Department Safety Rep within the UCSB Health and Safety Binder. All employees have the right to see their written program upon request.
  • Per Cal-OSHA, each employee must be made aware of their employer's IIPP and their responsibilities under their plan. The best way to achieve this is for all employees, supervisors, and management personnel to enroll in and complete the “Safety Orientation (2018)” course located in the campus Learning Center.
    • To access the course: Log in to the UC Learning Center.
    • Enter “Safety Orientation (2018)” in the “Search” function.
    • Enroll in and complete “Safety Orientation (2018)” course.

This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and provides an overview of Safety fundamentals, injury & illness prevention, and emergencies for all faculty, staff, and students. It replaces previously required IIPP training courses including: TR25, TR27, and TR29. Topics include: Hazard Identification (physical and chemical); Control Measures (including personal protective equipment); Risk Assessment; Injury & Illness Prevention (IIPP); Emergency Procedures (Emergency Action Plan (EAP); Emergency Procedures and Response; Emergency Equipment; Earthquakes; Fire Safety (Fire Prevention Plan/Fire Extinguishers); and campus-specific Safety Resources (Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), Hazard Reporting, Emergency Procedures, Accidents and Injuries). This course covers relevant Cal/OSHA regulations (Reference: 8 CCR 3380, 3203, 3220, 3221, and 6151).


John Seaman

John Seaman

Injury Prevention Program Manager

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