The Field Research Safety Program focuses on providing specialized training, safety equipment and support to faculty, staff and students whose research has a fieldwork component.




Before You Go

  1. Develop a Field Safety Plan.
  2. Get trained in Field First Aid or Wilderness Medicine.
  3. All trip participants should take the Heat Illness Prevention Training (UCSB Learning Center). Determine which insurance will be your primary insurance (personal, travel, workers comp) in the area you operate.
  4. Register all participants in the trip with UC Away for UC Travel Insurance.
  5. Students and volunteers must sign a Waiver of Liability.


Upcoming Training


first aid training


Field First Aid and Field Trip Planning:

Field First Aid and Field Trip Planning, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, date and time: TBD


Alex Moretto

Alex Moretto

Research Safety Division Manager

o. (805) 893-4899

Eric Hessell

Eric Hessell

UC Consortium Dive & Boat Safety Coordinator

o. (805) 893-4559

Jamie Bishop

Jamie Bishop

Field Safety Coordinator

o. (805) 893-8894