The UCSB Risk Management and Insurance office safeguards the assets of the University from loss and destruction by assisting in the identification, evaluation, mitigation, and elimination of loss exposures that arise out of the campus’ academic, research, student, and business activities. It performs its duties in accordance with the directives and general guidelines of the Office of Risk Services, Office of the President. It administers UC insurance programs and policies to facilitate recovery when losses occur.


Risk Management Office
565 Mesa Rd.
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5132


The specific responsibilities of the office include:

Self-Insurance Programs

Administer UC’s general liability, employment liability, auto liability, professional liability, and property self-insurance programs. See Insurance / Programs & Policies.

Commercial Insurance

Administer UC’s commercial insurance programs including fine arts, aviation, marine, travel, cyber, crime, boiler & pressure vessel, etc. See Insurance / Programs & Policies.

Litigation Management

Assist with the coordination and management of the University’s response to campus lawsuits. See Claims & Complaints.

Claims Management

Assist UC’s third-party claims administrator with campus claims. See Claims & Complaints.

Risk Analysis

Assist employees in the identification, evaluation, mitigation, and elimination of loss exposures created by their activities. See Claims & Complaints, Contracts, Food & Drink, Incident Reporting, Insurance, Minors on Campus, Releases, Students, Transportation, Travel, UAS & Drones, Volunteers, and Waivers.

Contract Review

Advise and consult with campus contracting offices about insurance and indemnification language in leases and agreements. See Contracts and Insurance.

Policies and Procedures

Interpret and apply University risk management and insurance policies and procedures as applicable to campus activities.

Subpoenas & Authorizations

Process subpoenas and authorizations for release of information. See Subpoenas.

Certificates of Insurance

Provide evidence of insurance coverage as required by leases and agreements between UC and 3rd parties. See Certificates of Insurance, Contracts, and Insurance Requirements.


Act as campus liaison for University insurance adjusters, brokers, OP General Counsel, the UC’s third party claims administrator, and the OP Risk Services.


Ron Betancourt

Ron Betancourt

Risk Manager

o. (805) 893-5837

Leticia Martinez

Leticia Martinez

Risk Analyst

o. (805) 893-4440



Claims Assistant

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Armando Di Filippo

Risk Management & Insurance Administrator

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