At UCSB, departments and their supervisors have the primary responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of their employees. This responsibility requires that regular and thorough documented hazard assessments be completed to identify, and evaluate, real and potential workplace hazards. Hazard assessments should encompass an entire job or process, and focus on the elimination or reduction of hazards through the implementation of controls. When hazards cannot be eliminated or adequately controlled, the use personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required.

EH&S Resources & Services

EH&S has several tools available to assist supervisors with the hazard assessment process. The web based Assessment Tool is available for Principle Investigators and other research supervisors to identify and communicate hazards present in a lab or other research area. For non-research areas, the printable and easy to use Job Hazard Assessment & Personal Protective Equipment Selection Tool should be used for the completion and documentation of PPE and hazard assessments.

From time to time supervisors may encounter situations which exceed their health and safety knowledge. EH&S staff is available upon request to assist supervisors and employees with the hazard identification and evaluation process. EH&S staff can also provide assistance with the design or alteration of local exhaust ventilation systems and other engineering controls.

To Request Assistance, Please Contact the Appropriate EH&S Division Listed Below:


Biological Safety For assistance with biological related hazards, exposures, PPE and biosafety cabinets, please contact the Campus Biosafety Officer. 
Fire Prevention For assistance with fire/life safety related hazards, please contact the Fire Prevention Division. 
Industrial Hygiene For assistance with non-laboratory chemical or physical (noise, heat, stress) hazards, exposures, PPE and ventilation, please contact the Industrial Hygiene Division.
Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene For assistance with non-biological laboratory related hazards, exposures, PPE and lab ventilation including fume hoods, please contact the Laboratory Safety Division. 
Industrial Safety For assistance regarding PPE for shop machinery, tools and equipment, please contact the Industrial Safety Division. 
Radiation Safety For assistance with radioactive hazards, exposure and PPE, please contact the Radiation Safety Division.