Industrial Hygiene

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This course is required for UCSB Faculty, Students, Staff, and Volunteers who perform outdoor work, or indoor work where heat-related illness is likely to occur. Trainees will learn about important UCSB and Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Program requirements, including:

  • The different types and common signs and symptoms of heat illness and the importance of immediately reporting symptoms or signs of heat illness;
  • The environmental and personal risk factors for heat illness;
  • The importance of acclimation, hydration, and rest;
  • UCSB’s procedures for complying with Cal/OSHA’s Heat Illness Standard;
  • High heat procedures;
  • Individual and Supervisor responsibilities; and,
  • UCSB’s procedures for responding to symptoms of possible heat illness, including how and when to contact emergency services.

For more information, please contact Jesse Bickley, (805) 893-8787.


Jesse Bickley