Radiation Safety

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eLEARNING: Available 24/7 on the UC Learning Center


New researchers who wish to work with radioactive materials must first complete their online radiation safety training at the UC Learning Center PLUS attend a live “on-boarding session” in your lab with a member of EH&S, Radiation Safety staff.

  • First – Take Online Radiation Safety Training “Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials”

Access the UC Learning Center. Note: Make sure that you have your browser’s pop-up blocker disabled in order for it to work correctly. Search for the term “Radiation” and enroll in the course titled “Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials”

  • Second – Arrange an in-lab, on-boarding session.

Radiation Safety staff will contact you via email to arrange a mutually convenient time for the on-boarding session. The on-boarding session is intended to convey lab specific radiation safety information and practices.