Injury & Illness Prevention

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Overview of safety fundamentals, injury & illness prevention, and emergencies for all faculty, staff, and students. Topics include: Hazard identification (physical and chemical), Control Measures (including Personal Protective Equipment), Risk Assessment, Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Emergency Procedures (Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Emergency Preparedness & Response, Emergency Equipment, and Earthquakes), Fire Safety (Fire Prevention Plan, Fire Extinguishers), and Campus-Specific Safety Resources (Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), IIPP, Hazard Report, Emergency Procedures, Accidents & Injuries). This course covers relevant Cal/OSHA regulations (Reference: 8 CCR 3380, 3203, 3220, 3221, and 6151).


*Note: The Safety Orientation (2018) course replaces previously required courses for Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Safety Rights and Responsibilities for Non-Supervisors, Office Supervisors, and Physical Labor Supervisors.