Industrial Hygiene

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eLEARNING: Available 24/7 on the UC Learning Center


This course is required for employees who perform work that is reasonably anticipated to cause a substantial dust disturbance. Trainees will learn about important UCSB Valley Fever Awareness Program requirements, including:

  • What Valley Fever is and how it is contracted;
  • High-risk areas and types of work and environmental conditions during which the risk of contracting Valley Fever is highest;
  • Personal risk factors that may create a higher risk for some individuals;
  • Exposure prevention methods;
  • The importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment to help prevent the disease from progressing;
  • How to recognize common signs and symptoms of Valley Fever;
  • The importance of reporting symptoms, seeking medical attention, and proper diagnosis, and;
  • Common treatments and prognosis for Valley Fever.

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