DEAInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Research Advisory Panel of California (RAPC) Requirements

  • Before a lab can begin working with controlled substances, they must first apply for and receive a DEA Registration.
  • Please contact the Controlled Substances Program Administrator prior to applying.
  • The DEA Registration application is the DEA Form 225.
  • If your project involves vertebrate animals, an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Protocol must also be submitted and approved. DEA Registration issuance is contingent upon IACUC approval and can be submitted concurrently with the DEA Form 225.
  • If your project requires the use of any Schedule I controlled substance you must also obtain Research Advisory Panel of California (RAPC) approval.
  • RAPC approval is also required for any Schedule II controlled substance project involving human test subjects.
  • The DEA Registration process takes six to eight weeks for a Researcher II-V. Schedule I registrations can take six months.
  • After submitting the DEA application, you will be contacted by an agent once they have had adequate time to review. At this point, they will schedule a visit at your lab for the purpose of approving the storage location as well as verifying that proper drug handling and use protocol will be utilized.