DEA List I as well as California Precursor chemicals are commonly utilized in the illicit manufacture of controlled substances. Additional control measures are in place to restrict access to these chemicals. Please review the following for information on purchasing:

  • Must be ordered from Spectrum Chemical.
  • Purchaser completes QAF481 Form (supplied by Spectrum at time of order)
  • Purchaser provides a letter of intended use for the material. Please make sure to include in the letter a) the name of the material being purchased, the size and number of units, b) what is the intended use for the material and how long the material will supply you for, c) how the material will be stored when not in use, d) on letterhead, dated, and containing a signature.  **Please note, writing the intended use on the form is not sufficient a letter is required to process the order.
  • Purchaser provides a copy of a driver's license or other photo ID
  • Purchaser sends these documents to CSPA who signs the QAF481 and submits everything to the Spectrum Compliance Division.
  • With all of this satisfied, order is placed on a 21 day hold prior to shipping.