For those who find themselves working from home. Here are some tips to follow to stay healthy and safe while using a computer.

Work Smart with Ergonomics

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Designated Space

Create space at a desk or table that can be dedicated to computer use. Avoid sitting on a bed or couch.

Monitor Use an external monitor. If using a laptop, place it on a stand or on books. Maintain at eye level. Position the screen so you can easily read it (18" - 30" away).
Keyboard and Mouse Use an external keyboard and mouse, and place the laptop on a stand or use an external monitor. Do not work directly on the laptop's built-in keyboard and mouse (high risk of injury). Consider using speech recognition programs.
Chair Use a chair with back support. For a kitchen or dining chair, insert a seat cushion and roll up a soft towel or blanket place at your low back area for support.
Phone Use a headset, speakerphone, or microphone/voice activation. Use computer audio for conference calls.
Lighting and Sound Position your computer at a 90-degree angel from any windows. Use room and task lighting as needed. Try noise-canceling headphones.
Plan your Day Establish a schedule/routine. Create a process to check in with your team.
Physical and Mental Breaks Take regular breaks away from your work area to eat lunch, drink water, stretch and change your focus/postures. Plan to take longer, shorter and micro-breaks.
Training Take the online Ergonomic Self-Assessment Tool for help with real-time adjustments you can make at any workstation. Free online training for students is available. 
Supervisor Work with your supervisor to discuss any equipment needs and telecommuting agreements. 
Workstation Equipment Contact IT for laptops, monitors, and standard keyboards and mice. Laptop stands, keyboards, and mice can also be found on the UCSB EHS Ergonomics Program Page.
Long-Term Telecommuting Mirror your regular on-site workstation as much as possible. Consider investing in an adjustable task chair, desk, and external monitor.
Additional Resources Refer to the UCSB EHS Ergonomics Program Page for additional resources.


Content provided by: UCSF, UCB, & UCD Ergonomics Programs. March 25, 2020

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