Matching Fund

This program offers up to $500 per employee in matching funds to modify on-site computer workstations. The intent is to provide campus departments a cost-effective way to prevent and/or minimize the effects of repetitive motion injuries. The program does not apply to computer work station furniture for new construction, renovation, and relocation projects.

How Can My Department Qualify for the Matching Fund Program?

The Ergonomics Matching Fund Program focuses on ergonomic modification of individual employee computer workstations. Following are the steps to take to qualify for matching funds:

  • Workstation Evaluation: Matching funds are available for furniture or accessories recommended as a result of a computer workstation evaluation by the Ergonomics Program. Call Sue Fraser at (805) 893-3283 to set up an appointment, or e-mail at
  • Furniture/equipment purchase: If a workstation evaluation identifies the need for specific modification, recommended furniture or equipment will be identified. Departments will order, purchase and install equipment (cost of installation to be borne by department). Upon installation, a follow-up evaluation will be performed. After the follow-up evaluation has been performed and the proper application plus copies of invoices of equipment/accessories are received, funds will be transferred.

What Kind of Furniture/Equipment Qualifies for the Matching Fund?

  • Only ergonomic equipment recommended by the Ergonomics Coordinator.
  • Qualifying accessories; keyboards, keyboard trays, document holders, mice, and telephone headsets at 50% of the cost. Chairs and Dragon speaking software are each eligible for a $100 reimbursement.
  • Examples of equipment not covered: desks, computers, computer monitors and task lighting.

What is the Application Process for the Matching Fund?

An application form must be submitted for each employee. Send to: Sue Fraser, Ergonomics Coordinator, Environmental Health & Safety, at MC 5132:

  • Completed Ergonomics Matching Fund Application Form and
  • Copies of product invoices and/or receipt with amount paid for recommended products.

Upon approval of your application, matching fund purchase price up to $500 total per employee (not per request) will be transferred to the budget number on the application form.

Funding for this program is limited. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding reimbursement will be delayed or denied for applications that are incomplete or provide insufficient supporting documentation.

Departments may be limited on the number of Matching Fund Recipients.

Questions? Contact the Ergonomics Coordinator at (805) 893-3283 or