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Incident Reporting

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3rd Party Incidents

Use the Notice of Incident form to report incidents that involve injury or damage to non-UC employees, students, visitors, non-UC event attendees, guests, and other third parties who are on University property or engaged in University activities, including, for example:

  • Exposures to a chemical, biological, or physical hazard, including hazardous fumes, gases, vapors, mists, particulates, temperature extremes, noise, biohazards, radioactivity, or intense light.
  • Injuries and/or near misses.
  • Damages to property not owned by the University.
  • Auto accidents on University property that do not involve University vehicles or employees.

Reporting 3rd Party Incidents

  • Use the Notice of Incident to report the facts of the incident to the campus Risk Management office as soon as possible.
  • The Notice of Incident report is a confidential document that is for the exclusive use of the University. It should not be shared with anyone except the employee’s supervisor and the Risk Management office.
  • Complete the Notice of Incident as soon as possible, when it is easier to collect all the information and while details are still fresh in everyone’s mind.
  • Incidents should be reported as soon as possible.
  • Obtain contact information of individuals involved in incident and take photographs of the incident location.
  • Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • If a student or visitor asks whom they can contact to talk about an incident, or indicates they want to make a claim against the University, advise them to contract the campus Risk Management office.

Reporting Other Kinds of Incidents

Go to Incident Reporting for information on how to report:

  • Workers’ compensation incidents (work related injuries and/or illnesses)
  • Environmental compliance incidents (releases, spills, leaks, discharges)
  • Hazards that have the potential to cause harm.