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Claims & Complaints

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3rd Party Claims & Complaints

Go to 3rd Party Claims & Complaints if you want to file a claim or serve a summons and complaint against the University. You will also find information here about what to do if you are a UC employee who receives notice of a 3rd party claim or you are served with a summons and complaint in which you, and the University, are named defendants.

UC Property Loss Claim

Go to UC Property Loss Claim if you are a UC employee and your department has suffered property loss or damage and it is necessary to file an insurance claim.

Automobile Accident

Go to Automobile Accident if you are a 3rd party who has been involved in an accident with a University vehicle, or a driver of a University vehicle who has been involved in an automobile accident, and you want to report and/or make a claim for injury or damages.

Employee Injury Claim

Go to the UCSB Workers’ Compensation website if you are a UC employee and you have been become ill or injured for a work-related reason.