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UC Student Travel Insurance

The Student Travel Insurance Program provides worldwide, 24-hours/day coverage for students who are traveling while participating in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities, both domestically and abroad. This coverage is available at no cost. More information about this no-cost coverage is available at:


Register for Travel Insurance

Though coverage is automatic, students must register when they travel out-of-state and internationally in order to receive the full services and protections that the coverage provides. Click here to register your trip at UC Away. Upon registration, the Students will be provided with a Confirmation of Coverage Card. The card contains the insurance carrier’s toll-free contact numbers to call in an emergency.

Register for Worldcue

The University contracts with Worldcue to provide its students with intelligence and alerts about the part of the world where they will be traveling. Worldcue will generate a “welcome email” to the traveler when the traveler books travel through Connexxus, or registers out-of-state or international trip information with UC Away. The welcome email provides a link where the traveler can go to complete an online profile that provides Worldcue with important contact information, including the traveler’s email address and itinerary.

Completing the profile in Worldcue is a crucial step in assuring the traveler’s safety. Without the profile information, Worldcue cannot provide real time intelligence and travel alerts to the UC traveler. Registered UC travelers who complete the profile will receive direct e-mail notices from Worldcue about the area where they will be traveling that will include information about political unrest, natural disasters, war activities, health warnings, etc., as well as required immunizations, entry/exit, safety and security, language, transportation, weather, communications, legal and cultural issues, and currency exchange rates. This is obviously a valuable resource when traveling and can help UC travelers avoid difficulties during a trip.

The Worldcue system also makes it possible for the University to keep track of where its students are traveling. In the event of civil strife or natural disasters the University is better able to provide emergency services such as security extraction and emergency medical evacuation when its students are in danger and require these services. Because Worldcue provides travelers with information that will keep them safer and the University with information that allows it to respond more quickly to emergencies involving its student travelers, it is of the utmost importance that the student traveler complete the travel profile in Worldcue upon receipt of the “welcome email”.

Employees who do not use Connexxus to book their travel can sign up for Worldcue on the last page of the on-line travel registration form. The sign-up paragraph reads as follows: “[….Click here to create your personal travel profile for this trip with Worldcue, the providers of security protection and emergency services, including security extraction and medical evacuation that may be needed when circumstances arise….]”.

If you have already registered your trip but neglected to sign up for Worldcue, you may contact Worldcue directly by sending an email to customerservice@ijet.com or calling 443.716.2419. You will need to provide your name, home campus, email address, destination, and itinerary. For additional information, go to OPRS: Student Travel Insurance FAQs.