Dive & Boat Safety

diver training in swimming pool
two divers training in swimming pool
two divers training in swimming pool
fire extinguisher training
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Course Inquires

Please contact UCSB's Dive and Boat Safety Officer for scientific diver training information:

Eric Hessell (eric.hessell@ehs.ucsb.edu)

Becoming a Scientific Diver

In order to dive as a Scientific Diver for UCSB, a diver must successfully complete UCSB’s 100-hour Dive Safety Course. This course is offered twice a year and is required for an open water scuba diver who wants to work as a scientific diver for UCSB. Training in the classroom, pool and ocean allows UCSB to meet scientific diving standards and is designed to fine-tune your diving skills and introduce scientific diving techniques. Interested divers should review the course requirements and submit an on-line application.

How to Apply

  1. Should be certified as an Open-Water Diver with:
    - min of 4 cold water (<70F) logged dives within the past 6 months.
  2. Review Course Requirement Packet
  3. Review Coastal Fund Undergraduate Support Fee Program
  4. Submit an On-line Application

Applications are due at least 2 months prior to start of course.
Space is limited and priority is given to UCSB faculty, staff and students.