Risk Management & Insurance

UC Insurance

Understanding Your Deductible


Coverage under UC insurance programs and policies for owned property is generally subject to deductibles. These deductibles can change. Current deductibles are as follows:


  • $500 per occurrence for physical damage to vehicles
  • $0 per rental vehicle when vehicles rented under a system-wide contract


  • $5,000 per occurrence for water damage (or 10% if damages exceed $50,000)
  • $5,000 per occurrence for fire
  • $1,000 per occurrence for forced-entry theft
  • $5,000 per occurrence for non-forced entry theft
  • $1,000 per occurrence for university property in transit
  • $1,000 per occurrence for most other covered losses


  • 1% of insured value subject to $250 minimum
  • Subject to department request for coverage under the vessel schedule prior to loss

Fine Arts

  • $1,000 per occurrence except earthquakes and outdoor sculpture
  • $10,000 per occurrence for earthquakes and outdoor sculpture (each and every loss)
  • Subject to department request for coverage on permanent collections schedule prior to loss
  • Deductible does not apply to items on loan to the University