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Marine Hull & Liability Insurance

The Marine Cargo policy provides hull and machinery coverage for small watercraft, boat trailers, engines, and oars that are on UCSB’s Vessel Schedule. The campus Risk Management office maintains the campus Vessel Schedule.

This insurance is not automatic. To have coverage boats, trailers, engines, and oars must be on the Vessel Schedule. If you want to add items to, or delete them from, your department’s vessel schedule, complete a Yacht Schedule Change Form and submit it to the Risk Management office. Departments are not charged a premium for coverage under this policy (exception: boats in excess of 40 feet). Deductibles are based on the value of the boat; one percent of the insured value subject to a $250 minimum.

Boats that are borrowed by a UCSB department are not insured under this policy unless the Risk Management office is notified and temporarily adds it to the campus’ Vessel Schedule after confirming coverage with the underwriter. There may be no coverage for a boat when it is loaned to an outside party. Whether you are borrowing a boat or lending one (1) contact the Risk Management office for assistance and (2) be aware that in either case it will be necessary to have a written agreement with the other party.

The Marine Cargo policy also covers the University’s legal liability for losses arising out of the operation of vessels that exceed 40’ in length (legal liability for vessels less than 40’ is covered under the University’s General Liability Self-Insurance Program). The Marine Cargo policy covers the University’s legal liability for loss to crewmembers and 3rd parties arising from the use of chartered vessels. For more information on boat charters, go to UCSB: Boat Charters.

Cargo Insurance

The Marine Cargo policy provides coverage for worldwide foreign shipment of scientific equipment, research materials, household goods/personal effects and other similar items. To obtain foreign transit risk insurance you must complete an Application for Foreign Transit Insurance and submit it to the campus Risk Management office. For more information on foreign shipments, transit insurance, and loss reporting, go to UCSB: Transit Risk Insurance.

Vessel Pollution

The Marine Cargo policy provides coverage for pollution response and/or damages arising out of the University’s ownership and operation of scheduled vessels.

Reporting a Loss and Filing a Claim

If you or your department have suffered property loss or damage involving hull and machinery or transit damage covered under the University’s Marine Cargo policy and want to report the loss and file a claim, go to UC Property Loss Claim.